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Providing Family Theater for over 35 years! 

 1983-2018 ..35 years of Enriching, Educating and Entertaining our community through the shared experience of live performances.

Celebrating 29 years in the Washington Street Theatre

You Can't Take it With You


Auditions We had such a great turnout for auditions this week! There were a lot of new people and quite a few returning people, too.
Unfortunately we weren’t able to cast everyone. There are only so many roles in a show, but we are so grateful for all who came out.

Penelope “Penny” Sycamore -     Cathy Haynes
Martin “Grandpa” Vanderhof-     Mike Kayes
Alice Sycamore -     Ashley Labombard
Tony Kirby -     Steve Ahl
Anthony W. Kirby -     Darrell Klute
Essie Carmichael -     Kim Ploetz
Boris Kolenkhov -     David Merwine
Paul Sycamore -     Al Bernstein
Ed Carmichael -     Michael Sparkie
Mr. De Pinna -     Jake Riggs
Donald -     Lucia Lucia Nez
Rheba -     Sarita Schwindler
Wilbur C. Henderson -     Sadie Jay-Edwards
Miriam Kirby -     Suzanne Payne
The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina -     Maria Welka
Gay Wellington -     Patti Gulnac
G-man 1 “The Man” -     Chris Norton
G-man 2 “Jim” -     Rebecca Green
G-man 3 “Mac” -     Ashley Tilly-Belec

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Olean Theatre Workshop wishes to thank the Arts Services Initiative of WNY for the grant which we received from the "Give for Greatness funds for 2017"